School Dinners: Tapioca

A new poem of mine, Tapioca, has just been published in the journal English in Education. Dedicated to the fine American poet Peter Kahn, who inadvertently inspired me to write it, this piece recalls my first, and only, attempt to eat tapioca while at Infant School. It’s a memory from many moons ago and one of very few bad memories of my early school life which was usually such a joyous experience.

If you click on the link above you can download a copy of the poem. Hope that you can enjoy the poem – if not the tapioca.

These websites might also bring back some school dinner memories:


  1. I have no memory of an incident such as you describe, must have been someone else in charge. Had I known, I should have stopped it happening. My sincere apologies, Sue.
    Curiously, I loved Tapioca but loathed Sago. I had a similar experience as an evacuee when I was forced to eat it (flavoured with what tasted like eat de cologne) . The pressure only stopped when I was sick everywhere.


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