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Anthology making: reading more, deepening engagement

Widening the poetryscope: in exploring how their anthology is constructed, students should be encouraged to widen what I would like to call their poetryscopes… they should argue over how they might edit or rearrange the classroom anthology that they are studying…

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Fringeless Steven: poetry in the salon

Our Hair comes the Science Bit project team participated in the British Science Festival in Coventry on a very lively Friday night. We were really pleased to engage so many people in creative, scientific discussions about hair. Visitors viewed strands of hair under the microscope, asked questions about its structure, talked to our resident genetics and psychology experts about hair related issues, explored hair advertising, took a VR journey into keratin and visited me, the Poetdresser, in the Rock ‘n’ Roller parlour, to write collaborative poems about their hair.

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We are Poets

An inspiring teaser for the full length film from  The blurb below is taken from their site: “We Are Poets presents a moving and poignant story of youth, art and freedom … Continue reading

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