Poem films: Girls on Swings

Girls on Swings was made by Media undergraduates Becca Lewis, Sam Hughes and Adam Khan from Nottingham Trent University for one of their third year module assignments. I think they’ve done a great job. It is a companion piece to the two films Roaming Range and First Blood, also available on this site. Click here to view.

Here’s a copy of the poem. It was inspired by photographer Roger Mayne‘s work which evoked so many associations for me as well as ideas about the freedoms all children should be able to enjoy.

Girls on Swings

(After: Girls on Swings, Leeds 1953 by Roger Mayne)

Stretch out your feet

Kick your heels

Surge through the sky

Push yourself higher

Be alive in that space

with its rush of free air

all of your own making

Sue Dymoke

from: What They Left Behind (Shoestring Press, 2018).