Research: Chapters

I have revised my chapter on Creativity in English Teaching and Learning for the second edition of this handsome book. J. Davison & C. Daly (eds) Debates in English Teaching (2nd Edn). London: Routledge. pp 79 -91.  This chapter will, I hope, be particularly useful to English Teachers especially those who are in the early stages of their careers and/or are investigating creative practices for their Masters research. When writing it, I was particularly concerned by how much curriculum change had happened in English since the first edition was published in 2010. 

I have a chapter entitled Finding and keeping poetry in The Future of English Teaching Worldwide: Celebrating 50 Years from the Dartmouth Conference edited by Andrew Goodwyn, Cal Durrant, Wayne Sawyer, Lisa Scherff, and Don Zancanella. Routledge (published October 2018). This chapter is a revised version of the Harold Rosen Memorial Lecture that I gave at NATE Conference during the 50 years after Dartmouth Symposium in Stratford upon Avon, June 2016. Listen to the lecture via this link.

IMG_2274 Delighted to have a chapter on ‘Integrating poetry-focused digital technology within a literacy teacher education course’ in this fine new publication (published March 2016) from Sense. Click here for free preview and ordering. Thanks to Clare Kosnik and all the editorial team for bringing this book together. It’s the culmination of a wonderfully productive seminar in steaming-hot Shoreditch, London two summers ago.

Very pleased to be included among such distinguished company in Jones & Richards’ new bookIMG_2007: Creativity in Language Teaching: Perspectives from Research and Practice (Routledge, 2015). Our chapter (Jane Spiro and Sue Dymoke: ‘Translating Writing Worlds: Writing as a Poet, Writing as an Academic’) focuses on on-going research about poets who write, research and teach in diverse academic disciplines.