Writing workshops

November 30th 2019: Poetry Place writing workshop at Beeston Library 11.30 – 1pm.
In this experimental, place-based writing workshop you will try out different ways of creating poetry focused on Beeston. You will draw on a selection of images and written sources from the local history collection, other ‘found’ Beeston-related materials and your own experiences of the town. You will need to bring an open mind, a notebook and a pen. Play with words and share some of your draft poems with other writers from the group in a supportive workshop environment. Booking at: https://tinyurl.com/y4f3z78u  For any other enquiries phone 01623 677 200 or email ask@inspireculture.org.uk 

Examples of Previous Events: Autumn 2018 & Spring 2019
Two Thinking Like a Poet writing workshops at Beeston Library on Tues 11th Dec (6.30 – 8pm) and Mansfield Library on Sat 2nd Feb 2019 (11.30am -1pm). 
If you would like to know more about my workshops on writing poetry or teaching poetry or to discuss a possible booking please get in touch. Examples of previous workshops include:
  • Full day poetry workshop with Hornsea A level students
  • Poetry INSET for teachers at Wilsthorpe School  and three linked whole afternoon writing workshops with the same class of KS3 students.
  • Writing workshops with Faculty staff, researchers, students and teachers at the University of Hiroshima
  • Poetry teaching and writing workshop at Nottingham Writers’ Studio to celebrate Making Poetry Happen with poet Ash Dickinson and fantastic English teacher Brenda Ainsley. 
  • Poetry writing workshop for Nottingham Poetry Society
  • Workshop for Secondary English teachers at Queen’s University, Belfast – this included creative ways into reading, writing and performing poetry.
  • Southwell Poetry Festival: ‘Finding Poetry’ – a poetry writing workshop for  adults.
  • Prince’s Trust for the Arts workshop for Primary teachers at New Walk Museum, Leicester – this included ways into using paintings, sculpture and museum artefacts as starting points for writing.
  • Poetry workshop for Secondary pre-service English and Media teachers at University of Auckland, New Zealand – this included a wide range of poetry writing activities.
  • Poetry Society Reading poetry workshop for Primary and Secondary teachers in Birmingham – this included anthology making, drama and performance activities.

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