Poetry teaching materials

  1. Writing Found Poetry: Found poems are collages of words taken from a previously written text. They can be written using prose texts from wide range of textual sources including spam or junk mail, tweets, adverts, newspaper reports, road signs, recipes, letters, text messages. Found poetry writing is a particularly useful for encouraging young writers who might lack confidence with poetry. Instead of starting with a blank screen or page, they have a language bank to draw on in their work. Some guidance and ideas for writing Found poems can be dowloaded here: 

2. Shape Poetry: Perseids was inspired by a fantastic meteor shower that I observed from my allotment garden in mid August a couple of years ago. It is an example of a shape poem. Feel free to use this resource in your classrooms but please acknowledge the author and the place of first publication: Perseids by Sue Dymoke from: Spaced Out, Space poems chosen by Brian Moses & James Carter (2019) Bloomsbury Publishing.

Featured Image -- 555

3. PDF of my keynote: Thinking and writing: students, creativity and poetry (Pearson Creativity conference 26th Jan 2019)

26th jan2019keynoteoutlineedexcelversharing

4. Resource for teachers, commissioned by the Poetry Society, on Reading and Making Anthologies (useful for KS2, 3 and 4) dymokeanthologypoetryclasspdf

5. Guidance on Free writing activities used at the beginning of poetry workshop sessions. free writingpdf

6. Golden Shovel Form writing activities goldenshovelsdymokeplan27sepagbabiupdate2017final

7.  Resources for Japanese Teachers (used at the University of Hiroshima in December 2017):

8. Lesson materials commissioned by the Poetry Archive which are linked to Poetry Archive recordings by:

9. Writing monologues in the style of Carol Ann Duffy

10. Making Poetry Happen: Transforming the Poetry Classroom is packed with useful guidance and practical ideas about teaching poetry across the 5 -19 age range. Includes chapters written by poets, primary, secondary and post-16 teachers and teacher educators.

11. Here are my Keep on Writing resources developed in 2022 for Melbourne young writers, their families and teachers during my virtual residency with Victoria State Library for Melbourne UNESCO City of Literature https://www.slv.vic.gov.au/learn/children-families/keep-writing-creative-resources-sue-dymoke

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