Making Poetry Matter

Making Poetry Matter

Advance copies of the very handsome edition of Making Poetry Matter (published by Bloomsbury) are now winging their way to all of our chapter authors.We hope this significant new collection of research papers on aspects of poetry pedagogy will be of interest to readers, writers and researchers far and wide.  (For further details:


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  1. Excellent. It looks great Sue! Congratulations to you, Andrew and Anthony. Looking forward to reading it. A pity it’s not more affordable, as it’s such an important book. I’ll have to start saving up.


    1. Thanks Cliff. I agree about the price – and we did ask for simultaneous paperback release but…
      There will be a paperback copy released with the publication of Making Poetry Happen in late 2014.
      Until then why not order it from your library?


      1. It’s strange isn’t it – it’s technically an academic book, hence the price in the publishing world. But the implications of the book could and should have a phenomenal effect on practice in schools…
        Right – 2014 the paperback, and meantime the library. Thanks Sue!


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