August 1, 2013

SweetpeasummerAugust 1, 2013.

via August 1, 2013.

Your summer poetry reading has just arrived! Click above and dip into poet Martin Stannard’ s wonderful one-off online poetry collection. I’ll leave him to explain how he compiled it. Thanks Martin.

On July 1st I invited a number of poets whose work I admire to contribute one of their poems to what would be a one-off online publication to go “live” on August 1st. I also asked them to pass on the same invitation to a poet or poets they knew and admired. My plan was for the resulting collection of poems to be entirely chosen by the poets themselves, and for there to be threads of friendship and mutual admiration linking the work. I’ve done no editing or selecting. Poems arrived, and they are here to read.

It was also my (probably futile) intention to kind of take poetry publishing back to recapture something of the spirit of the mimeo age, which is where I began some 35 years ago: quick and simple publications that concentrated on the poem because the means of production gave you almost no alternative. Sometimes it’s a relief to leave the flashy sophistications of state of the art websites behind, isn’t it? (Please feel free to disagree and/or to point out the paradox of saying all this here online.)

Anyway, what you have before you is the result. No frills, just the poetry – not even notes on the contributors. (You can Google them if you’re desperate.)

I’d like to thank all the contributors for their support, and I hope you enjoy the poems.

Martin Stannard

Zhuhai, China

August 1, 2013

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