Putting the Facts Straight – OCR/ EMC’s A Level Language and Literature

Thanks to the English and Media Centre for their splendid rebuttal. This exciting new course should be welcomed by everyone who is committed to teaching English as a vital, dynamic form of expression.

English & Media Centre

Some of the media coverage this week has suggested that the draft OCR/EMC Language and Literature specification is dumbing down, pandering to students’ interests and putting celebrities like Russell Brand in the same category as Shakespeare. In response we thought it important to set the record straight and provide some basic, factual information to help inform the debate.

What is the relationship between EMC and OCR?

EMC is an independent charity, providing Continuing Professional Development, consultancy, publications, conferences and courses for English and Media teachers in secondary education. We have been delighted to be involved in a partnership with OCR to develop this specification. In all other respects we remain independent of OCR, providing resources and support as we always have done for KS3, KS4 and KS5 English and Media, for the full range of specifications, both current and future. We have worked with other Awarding Bodies in the past…

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