The Christmas Truce – a local story

So pleased that our Grandad’s personal ‘Christmas Truce’ story is now being shared more widely thanks to the Stevenage Museum.

Stevenage Museum blog

I’ve heard a lot about the Christmas Truce but until last week I didn’t know that local Stevenage men were there.

Frank Dymoke shared his memories with The Comet newspaper in December 1971. Last week a member of his family kindly brought a copy in to the museum and told us a bit more about the man behind the story.

War 1

Frank enlisted in the Bedfordshire regiment in October 1911. He served for the whole war, finishing in January 1919 as a company sergeant major. Before he joined up he had been a groom for a family at Chesfield and when the war started his old employers sent him a pair of duelling pistols along with the request that he kill a few Germans for them! Unfortunately the pistols were stolen when he was injured. He suffered three injuries and had fever four times but survived the war and came home.

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    1. Thank you so much. The personal truce story has led to all sorts of unexpected and moving outcomes – including my Dad and brother being interviewed on BBC radio on Christmas Day.


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