New notebook

new notebooks

Finally the last page of my fuschia notebook has been filled. It has been a constant companion since May 2013. No doubt I’ll flick through it many times in future, searching for a hoarded phrase or a quick reminder of something half remembered but for now I can start anew. Each of my notebooks is different but all fit certain requirements: good quality wide lined paper; able to respond to the firm pressure of an HB pencil and pocket sized.This time the notebook is really special with a red marbled cover and cream lined pages. I bought it about 4 years ago in a stationery heaven: Paolo Olbi in Venice.  I nearly left it to use for another time, thinking I’d go for the lovely Flukebook which was waiting in reserve. I confess I have what dear friend Anthony Wilson calls ‘the stationery thing’. If pushed I can write notes and first drafts on scraps of paper but it’s never quite as satisfying somehow.

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