Tues 11th Dec: Beeston Poetry Workshop

IMGP4584Just putting finishing touches to my Thinking Like a Poet writing workshop taking place at Beeston Library on Tues 11th December 6.30 – 8pm. It’s coming up very soon. If you’d like to join us click here for booking information. You’ll have the chance to try out activities designed to inspire new ideas and to deepen your understanding of how poets write. Bring a notebook, a pen and an open mind. Be prepared to share some of your new writing with others and to enjoy playing with words.


  1. Hi Sue, I really enjoyed this workshop and gained a lot from it, thanks!
    Since coming I’ve thought of a question I’d like to ask you – do you think it’s imperative to title all poems, and if so why?


    1. Thanks so much Richard. What an interesting question too. No, it’s not essential but I think when you are starting to write it can be useful to give your draft a title (even if you abandon it later) as it can be one way of helping you to shape your ideas.


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