New publications

I have two new poetry-related academic publications which will I hope interest you:

  1. Published on line this month: Hennessy, J., Marlow, N., Alexander, J. & Dymoke, S. (2020) ‘Professional contraction and the growth of teacher confidence. Experiences in the teaching of poetry from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland’, Oxford Review of Education, DOI: 10.1080/03054985.2020.1835627 This focuses on a SCOTENs funded project which explores the views of teachers of poetry at Post-16 level who prepare their students for the Irish Leaving Certificate in Ireland and A level English in Northern Ireland. It was great to collaborate with Jennifer, Nicola and Joy on this project.
  2. Published in the Spring: Dymoke, S. (2020) Creativity in English Learning and Teaching in J. Davison & C. Daly (eds) Debates in English Teaching (2nd Edn). London: Routledge. pp 79 -91. chapter will, I hope, be particularly useful to English Teachers especially those who are in the early stages of their careers and/or are investigating creative practices for their Masters research.

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