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Poems and Greenhouses

My new green greenhouseAs I’m now the proud owner of a lovely wooden greenhouse, I’ve been thinking about poems and greenhouses. The two poems that come most readily to mind are Theodore Roethke’s ‘Child on Top of a Greenhouse‘ and ‘Greenhouse’ by Simon Armitage. Roethke’s use of greenhouses in his writing has been the subject of much discussion. (For example, see the Poetry Foundation website). Like both poets, greenhouses have associations for me with family memories and with the passing of time. Armitage writes of his own father ‘caught in the blur of double glazing/your perfect ghost, just one step behind you’. For now, my new greenhouse is memory-free so I’l let the tiny seeds do their magic first.

2 comments on “Poems and Greenhouses

  1. Josephine Corcoran
    May 12, 2013

    As long as it doesn’t get too hot (as if, with our climate) you could sit out there with your notebook – I know I would! Looks lovely.


    • Sue Dymoke
      May 12, 2013

      Thanks Josephine. The allotment inspires quite a lot of my writing so this will certainly add to the attraction!


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