No One You Know

I am thrilled to announce the launch of No One You Know,  a new project with Unbound Books that I am co-editing with my dear friend and fellow poet Anthony Wilson.

75 great poems you never knew existed

The idea originated in countless conversations that Anthony and I regularly have with each other and with many other poets about what they’ve been reading. (There always seems to be so much more to say about our reading than what we are currently writing.)

The best part of our conversations is when one of us introduces a poet’s name or a poem title that is new, undiscovered or unheard of. Thanks to the internet we can search out lost and unfamiliar texts. But we believe there are essential, rare and exciting poems out there untracked by Google. We think these poems need to be brought into the light. We think they need to be heard.

That is what No One You Know is all about.

The book listens in on conversations between seventy-five leading British and Irish poets and their favourite undiscovered poets and poems, and brings them into the open.

We have invited each poet to write about a never-before-anthologised poem that they passionately believe deserves a wider audience and to share both the poem and their thoughts about it with readers.

These poets include…

Raymond Antrobus, Jo Bell, Andy Brown, Nancy Campbell​, Peter Carpenter, Kate Clanchy, Mandy Coe, Andy Croft, Maura Dooley, Sasha Dugdale, Rich Goodson, ​Rebecca Goss, Philip Gross, W.N. Herbert, ​​Naomi Jaffa, Rupert Loydell, Ian McMillan, John Mole, Helena Nelson​, ​Michael Rosen​, Jean Sprackland, ​Martin Stannard​, Joelle Taylor, Rory Waterman​, ​Gregory Woods​ and Cliff Yates.

Please show your support for this project

by heading over to Unbound Books and pledging your support at one of many levels. We need you to make this exciting book happen!


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