#NationalPoetryDay: writing Golden Shovel poems about freedom (updated with added Patience Agbabi poem)

img_3441These brand new poetry writing resources for National Poetry Day (Thursday 28th Sept 2017) use The Golden Shovel form and explore the theme of Freedom. The Golden Shovel is an exciting new form, devised to honour the poet Gwendolyn Brooks. These writing and reading materials are suitable for use with Year 9 – Year 13 students (aged 14 plus). Please use and adapt them as you feel is most appropriate for your particular students.

Make-up’s a mask. She wants to be he… (from Her Secret by Patience Agbabi)

Sister, let us pretend we are ribbon haired girls again… (from Truth by Indigo Williams)

Resources were compiled by Sue Dymoke. Poems are reproduced by kind permission of their authors. Please ensure that you include the poets’ names and acknowledge their work when using these resources with young people. You should also encourage young writers to enter The Student International Golden Shovel poetry competition. Happy Poetry Day. Happy digging for new freedom poems. Click here to access the resources.  


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