What they left behind

Thinking of all friends in Japan today (August 6th) a very difficult seventy fifth anniversary day. I wrote this poem in 2017 after we had visited the Peace Park and Museum in Hiroshima with our dear friend Yuka Nakai.

What they left behind

 A lunchbox

A watch

An artificial eye


An anonymous vase

A personal seal

A national flag


A train pass

A bank book

A child’s dress


A wooden sandal

A belt buckle

A pair of trousers


Her uniform

His tricycle

Her daughter’s hair


Noburu Sunada’s canteen

Futoshi Tanimoto’s mess kit

His mess kit cover


Sentaro Akinobu’s binoculars

for viewing cherry blossoms

on Hijiyama Hill


Sue Dymoke  (from the collection: What They Left Behind, Shoestring Press, 2018).

Yesterday I read a very moving piece about hibakusha (survivors) of the atomic bombs which struck Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6th and 9th August 1945:


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