Publications update…

Raceme reviews and poem

In its spring/summer edition the Bristol-based journal Raceme published a new poem ‘Across Colne Water’ along with my reviews of two strong, contrasting Nine Arches Press debut collections: the remarkable Magnolia by Nina Mingya Powles, which was shortlisted for the Forward Prize Best First collection in 2020, and Little Kings by Peter Kahn, Chicago based educator, mentor and the godfather of spoken word education. The journal, the poets and Nine Arches Press are all well worth supporting in these challenging times for all cultural concerns so do check them out.

Being Allowed

Earlier this year, a paper I wrote with Nick McGuinn was published in the journal New Writing. Entitled ‘Being allowed: negotiating space for poetry writing with literature examination students’ it focuses on issues of permission and the space for creative writing practice which emerged from poetry writing workshop with UK English Literature students aged 16–18. I’m pleased to say that has now been made available to everyone through open access:

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