First Japanese publication



I am pleased to say that my first joint publication with Dr Yuka Nakai is now in print. Dr Nakai works at the University of Shimane and we began working together in 2017, when she worked at the University of Hiroshima, to explore common ground and contrasts in approaches to teaching poetry writing.  Our paper ‘Collaborative Research between UK and Japan on Poetry Writing Pedagogy in the Global Age: Trialling Poetry Writing Workshop techniques’ (国際化時代における詩創作教育学に関する日英共同研究:詩創作ワークショップ実践の試み) has just been published in The Science of Reading. vol.61, No.2., July 2019, pages: 97-109. We hope it’s the first of many collaborations. As of October 2019 it is now available online: 61_97



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